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Sex Ed Pop Up Save the Date (4)_edited.png



Reba the Diva

Oral for All 

Learn tricks, new techniques, to avoid achy jaws and leave your partner begging for more! Come learn the key ingredients for giving great fellatio every time AND and techniques for performing toe-curling cunnilingus.


Lady Blue

Bring the Sexy Out

Fostering the Confidence Needed Under and Above the Sheets

Learn tips & tricks to bring out the sexy in your photos and how to apply that to real life. There's no need to bring sexy back, when it's in you!


Morgan Stokes

Divine Wine Demo

A transformative journey into the heart of your feminine power. In this immersive somatic movement experience, you'll discover the healing rhythms of your body, release stored energy, and unlock the wisdom of your soul. Through fluid dance, gentle stretches, and mindful breathwork, you'll connect with your inner goddess, fostering self-love and embracing the sacred beauty within. This workshop is an invitation to reclaim your feminine essence, nurture your spirit, and dance your way to emotional and physical well-being.


Charlotte Duerr James

“Pleasure Portal: Psychedelics and Body Liberation”

It’s hard to have great sex when you don’t feel at-home and free in your own body. In this talk, Charlotte will explore the ways in which working intentionally with psychedelics and non-sexual nudism have supported her in reclaiming autonomy and pleasure in her body. She will share tips on how to infuse Sacred Earth Medicines and ritual into your sensual body exploration and liberation practice.


Myoshi Smith

Communicating Your Needs, Wants, and Desires and Creating Boundaries In and Out of the Bedroom!

Are you ready to take charge of your pleasure? Learn how to advocate for yourself both in and out of the bedroom. Your pleasure is your birthright – let's make sure you claim it! Learn about how authentic communication, orgasm authenticity, and and confidence building techniques can help elevate your confidence, unleash your desires, and set boundaries that scream self-respect!


Kathryn Sabir-Masada

“Say It Sexy”: The Actionable Art of Spicy Talk & Text

Do you want to set their skin aflame with a whisper? Or have them wishing the work day was cut short from a NSFW text? Maybe your goal is to leave them lusting after you’ve left the bed. Whether you’re a full blown poet or someone of little words, yummy communication skills are well within your grasp after some quick skills in Kathryn Elaine’s Say It Sexy pop up workshop.


Mx. Eden

Consent at Your Event

We often talk about consent as it relates to romantic relationships, but what about the relationship between the audience and the performer? The performer and the producer? The producer and the venue? While casting calls and contracts make some things clear, assumptions exist in these relationships that may not align with everyone's expectations of safety. Jennifer Eden (they/she), Certified Sex Educator and experienced event curator and host, will help you unpack some of the assumptions that exist in these relationships and craft language to address them in order to prevent consent violations at your events.


JayJae Franchesca


JayJae Franchesca is bringing the 🔥 to the Sx ED POP UP stage with a sensual movement performance that is sure to wow and convince you to sign up for her next class.

Get ready to be mesmerized by JayJae’s moves!


Boonie Break

Break Time with Boonie


Alanah Nichole Davis

Intimate Narratives: Story Time with Alanah

Join us for raw and relatable storytelling as women share their intimate narratives. From the highs of blossoming love to the lows of unrequited affection, these personal tales explore the complexities of relationships. Be prepared for laughter, tears, and a deep dive into the intricacies of the heart.




Seeing Through a Different Lens:

NKDHMNS (Naked Humans) is a boudoir photography studio that caters to every BODY. They'll be hosting a breakout session exploring the way society, social media and even sometimes family have constructed false narratives on how we view, perceive and accept our own bodies as vessels that should, in fact, be worthy of love and worthy to be loved. Will you take the plunge?

The Sex Nutritionist

Beyond the Aphrodisiac: Eating to Improve Sexual Health

In this session, we’re going beyond the usual aphrodisiacs. The Sex Nutritionist will dish out the real deal on how nutrition affects your sexual well-being. Get ready to unlock the secrets that will have you coming back for seconds–both in and out of the kitchen (and bedroom).


Itoju Wellness Co-op

Healing Womb Trauma: The Connection between Psycho-Emotional Health +

Reproductive Health

Panelists from the Itujo cooperative will guide a group in a conversation about all the things that can impact our sexual health , how our sexual health impacts our overall health and holistic methodologies towards improvement.

Chrys Seawood (educator) Brooke Jay (artist)
Channeling Alter Egos to Explore the Erotic Universe Within

For black womxn, embodying sexuality can be troublesome. When considering their somatic archives, how might black womxn recover their bodies, as well as their sexualities, to explore new embodied realities for the sexual self? This event explores alter egos as a starting place. Writer DaLyah Jones: “Alter egos provide a theater in which black women in particular can create a fantasy world where they’re not restricted to finite landscapes often attached to their identities.” 


This session will kickoff by screening JUPITER, a video art performance by movement artist, Brooke Jay. In JUPITER, Jay is the Creator, Empress, and Star—alter egos she invented to process and recover from a failed romantic relationship. The talkback will address Jay’s creative process and how embodying these personas empowered her to heal and discover an erotic universe within. The JUPITER screening + Q&A segment will be designed in collaboration with movement artist, Brooke Jay. Jay is a dance performance artist and founder of the Haux Hive, a DMV-based, sex-positive organization focused on producing experiences and sex education workshops for adult-only audiences.



Dame Sadie

What is Sexual Somatics?

Perfect for single folks, couples, throuples, or poly rules, this workshop will give a brief intro into the world of somatic sex education. More than just deep breathing and meditation, sexual somatics can help you expand your pleasure spectrum and empower your choice and voice. 

Chanel Jaali Marshall

Kink is for EveryBODY!

This workshop will provide an intro to kink and BDSM that is relatable to all identities! Chanel will cover the basics of kink while connecting the concepts in an applicable way. We will cover kink on a low budget and how to grow your practice with self and community.


Mystkue Woods, MEd

Just PrEPin It: HIV 101 and Pre-exposure Prophylaxis for


Let's have an open honest conversation about the rates of HIV infections amongst people of color! We'll be chatting about prevention, the stigmas that keep us from walking in our power. Join us for a much needed conversation!

Sexologist J.Marie

Embodied Pleasure: A Journey Through Consent, Desire, and Connection

Dive into the essential elements of sexual exploration.This interactive session will help you identify your love languages and set expectations. Explore the power of mindful breathing and delightful stretches to connect with desire on a profound level.The workshop delves into the art of foreplay, stimulating all five senses for a holistic experience. Discover the diverse forms of sexual expression, from oral play to various positions, celebrating the richness of pleasure.

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